Discount codes can be set to expire after a certain date or number of uses.

You can set a date range for which the discount code would be available. The discount code will automatically expire when it reaches the end date specified by you.

To create a discount codes, use the Manage drop-down menu from your Dashboard. Click discount code in the navigation panel on left to get started.

1. Go to your Event Dashboard.


2. Open the "Manage" menu and click on "Discount Codes".



3. In the search tab enter the discount code you wish to edit.


4. On the drop-down menu of action button click edit discount code.


5. Click on show other details.


6. Set the validity period of discount code i.e. date the discount should start being available for use and the date the discount should end and no longer be available for use.

Last updated: 09-Jan-2018