EventNook allows users to edit orders/attendee details from the organisers’ back end. “Edit order Info,” allows you to modify attendee’s order details.

With the help of “Edit order Info” option, it’s possible to edit practically all order details. You can:
• Edit primary contact Information
• Edit Attendee(s) Information
• Send the notification email to the ticket buyer

To edit order/attendee use the Actions drop-down menu from your View Orders page. Click View Orders in the Manage menu to get started!

1. Go to your Event Dashboard


2. Open the "Manage" menu and click on "View Orders".


3. On the drop-down menu of “Action” button click “Edit Order Info”.


4. Edit the details and click save.

Note: Edit order Info feature is only available in the Pro-Packages.

Last updated: 09-Jan-2018