1. QR Code e-Ticketing: The ticket buyers will receive e-ticket with a QR code to download in the site as well as via email upon ticket is successfully purchased. The attendees can show e-ticket at the event for admission

2. Customized Receipt & Invoice
• Business Billing Information in the receipt & invoice.
• Business Logo in the receipt and invoice
• Send Auto-Generated Invoice 

3. Email Template & Setting:
• Customize Confirmation Email Template
• Email Notification settings

4. Customization of Thank You Page: The default “Thank you page” can be and customizing the “Thank you” message.

5. Google Analytics Code: Google Analytics provides reports to analyze how people find your event page

6. Ads Tracking Code: The tracking code will allow to track and measure Ads Campaign performance. E.g., Facebook Ads Pixel Tracking Code.

7. On-site Management - iPad Pro Check in application & Real time tracking

8. Phone & Email support

9. Dedicated accounted manager

10. Ads Free

Last updated: 17-Mar-2016