1. Customized Receipt & Invoice

  • Business Billing Information in the receipt & invoice.
  • Business Logo in the receipt and invoice.
  • Send Auto-Generated Invoice. 


2. Email Template & Setting

  • Customize Confirmation Email Template.
  • Email Notification settings. 

3. Customization of Thank You Page

  • The default 'Thank you page' can be customized to requirement, and so can the 'Thank you' message. 


4. Google Analytics Code

  • Google Analytics provides reports to analyze how people find your event page. 


5. Ads Tracking Code

  • The tracking code will allow to track and measure Ads Campaign performance. E.g., Facebook Ads Pixel Tracking Code. 


6. On-site Management

  • iPad Pro Check in application & Real time tracking .


7. Phone & Email support

8. Dedicated accounted manager

9. Ads Free

Last updated: 09-Jan-2018