Creating Registration Form

In this section, you can customize your event registration form to get your attendees' details. This is useful for organizers to custom questions from their attendees in the registration form.

By default, the form will ask for first name, last name and email. You can simply add custom questions such as company name, contact number, designation, food option, etc. depends on what you need from them for your event planning for your guests.



The attendee will fill up this registration form when they register. You can also choose to make make certain fields "required".


Note: We allow you to choose which fields are compulsory to be filled up. Not everything has to be compulsory! Compulsory fields are marked with *.
Advanced tip: We offer different fields for different kinds of questions. If you are confused of what each individual field does, click here for a more detailed explanation.


You can also utilize the "Quick Add Standard Form Fields" table provided to you on the right side of your page. This table allows you to access the most common form field categories so that you can quickly add them to your registration form. 

When you are satisfied, “Save Changes” and click on “Next.

Last updated: 09-Jan-2018