You can add a referral code to the end of your event page URL to track which sites or channels registered attendees have come from. This is especially useful when trying to pay by commission or assess the effectiveness of the different platforms in order to make further, more productive decisions based on the results. 


1. Get your event page link 


Go to the event page and copy the URL.


Here it is:


2. Add the referral code

Add ?rcode=CAMPAIGNCODE to the back of your url. The campaign code at the end (underlined) is a text that can be decided by you.

For example, you want to track your ad on Facebook:

Or in emails: 

The code can be anything you want, but it would be helpful if it were something that would be able to help you identify the links and their respective channels.


3. Share!

After adding the code, proceed to paste the now extended URL on your selected channels. Attendees will now be able to click on the various links and access the event page across the different platforms.


4. Monitor 

Check up on the by going to the My Events page and clicking “View Orders”.



You will arrive at the page shown below.



To view the Referral column, check off the box that says, “Show All Columns” right under the Order Status bar. Then click “View”.



You will now be able to see Referral column, which shows how your registrants arrive on the event page.


Last updated: 09-Jan-2018