EventNook charges only to the event organisers who use eventnook for managing registration and selling tickets. For event attendees, there is no fee or charges by eventnook. 

For event organisers:

In order to use eventnook service, the organisers require to subscribe one of eventnook service plans (Express, Professional, Premium and Enterprise) depends on the features, registration volume and level of support needed. 
1. Subscription Plan Fee (Express, Professional, Premium and Enterprise)
Please find out about details of subscription plans here: http://overview.eventnook.com/p/pricing
2. Registration Fee (charged based on the volume of event tickets sold / no. of pax):
Registration Fee:
  • Express / Professional Plan - $1.25 per pax (per ticket)
  • Premium Plan - $2 per pax (per ticket) 
If you are selling tickets online, EventNook charges transaction fee as 1% of ticket fee.

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at +65 6681-6571 or email us 

Last updated: 04-May-2018