There are a few common reasons why PayPal transactions are failed. This may be due to one of the following problems. 

  • Seller PayPal Account (Merchant Account) issue 
  • Buyer Issue

Let's go through the common problems with Seller PayPal Account issue.


Seller PayPal Account (Merchant Account) Issues

1. To sell online with PayPal, the seller PayPal account needs to be either PayPal Premier or Business account. Please check with PayPal customer service to check your account if you are not sure with your account.

2. Ensure your PayPal is fully activated such as Verification with your local Bank account in PayPal side. ( If your PayPal account is newly setup and you haven't fully verified or linked your Bank Account with PayPal, and you have suddenly many transactions, most transactions may likely to get failed if your account is not FULLY verified and activated. )

3. Enter correct PayPal account id (email address) - incorrect email spelling issue (When the seller (event organizer) choose to sell tickets with PayPal at EventNook, they must enter the valid account ID.) 

4. International Currency - PayPal allows to sell online with multi-currency. If your PayPalaccount primary currency is local Singapore (SGD) account and selling online with USD, you need to add or enable USD in your PayPal account. Otherwise, the transactions will fail.

5. Malaysia Ringgit Currency - Selling with Malaysia Ringgit must be a PayPal account opened with Malaysia based entity or Individual reside in Malaysia. 


Buyer Issues with making payment with PayPal

1. Buyers Credit Card or Debit Card issues (such as invalid card, expired card, amount exceeds, card is disabled, etc.)

2. Buyers Credit Card or Debit Card issues with International transactions (Ensure the buyer credit cards and debit cards are allowed to buy online from oversea merchants)

3. Buyers Credit Card or Debit Card issues with Online Transactions (Some cards are blocked to buy online) 

4. Buyers PayPal account issue (Contact PayPal for more information)

Last updated: 09-Jan-2018