EventNook allows you to set ticket tier pricing (ex: early bird rate) so that you can offer guests a special discount for special circumstances, such as for those who are willing to register for your event early.



Follow these steps to set ticket tier pricing for your event:

  1. Find your event in your "My Events" page and click on "Edit Event".
  2. At your event page, click on "Settings" on the top-right corner.
  3. Select the "Advanced Settings" option on the bottom-left corner of your page.
  4. Find “Ticket Tier Pricing (E.g., Pre-Launch, Early Bird, Regular)” and press the “Go” button.




1. Choose from 4 different ticket pricing tier options depending on your needs. 


 2. Fill up the blank spaces on the form as completely as you could and keep in mind that the dates the tickets go on sale need to be typed in “Header Text” so that it can be displayed on the event page. (Notice that in this example, the early bird tickets end on April 30th while the regular ticket prices are available until the day of the event)

  1. Select "Save Changes" to save your custom ticketing pricing tier.
Last updated: 11-Jan-2018