To avoid the hassle of pre-printing  badges and long registration queues at the event day, the event team can use EventNook’s Mobile Kiosk and QR Scan check-in services to streamline and automate the event registration process with onsite badge printing. 


The zebra ZD500 offers both direct thermal printing (no ink or toner is required), and Thermal transfer printing (which uses thermal transfer ribbons to print characters). It comes with built in wireless connectivity through both bluetooth and wifi. Wired connectivity options are also present.


It prints on event badges (it can print two-sided badges too!) which feature precision perforations between each badge, allowing for easy separation for speedy badge assembly. It can also print labels on wristbands. It can print up to 4″ per second. The high-resolution printer is also compact, making it easily portable, manageable and maintainable from any location.

Customize Badge with Custom Background Design

 Sample of Event BadgePerforated badges

Brief Technical Specifications about Printing


Recommended Badge Sizes

  • A6 (4" by 6")
  • 4" by 3"
  • other paper types are also supported (4" is the maximum print width)
Paper types
  • Matte card (semi-glossy) (Up to 210 GSM)
  • Sticker Label
Print Speed approx. 1 badge every 2 seconds (this may vary)
Printing Methods
  • Direct Thermal
  • Thermal Transfer (recomended)
  • USB v.2.0, Serial, Parallel and Ethernet (Standard) 
  • Dual radio 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0



We recommend this printer for large-scale conferences and exhibitions since it supports fast-speed label badge printing. Labels generated by this printer can be customized for various sizes (4″x 3″, 4″x 6″, etc.) with folding and perforated as well as pre-designed sponsor logos. The printer’s flexible printing abilities also allows it to print on wristbands, which will be suitable for events such as music festivals, as well as personalized tickets.



Last updated: 14-Feb-2018