The Eventnook kiosk app handles attendee check-ins on the day of the event.


When a user signs into the Eventnook kiosk app, all their events are displayed as shown below.




Once the event being held on that particular day is selected, users are directed to a page where the may choose the ‘Self Check-in’ option or the ‘Admin Control Check-in’ option.



Selecting the settings icon on the top right corner of the screen will redirect users to the following page.





Selecting the option to show the QR ticket id in the attendees list will display a QR ticket number alongside each attendee’s name in the list of attendees.


Similarly, selecting the option to show the attendee’s NRIC/Passport number will display their NRIC/passport number alongside their names on the attendee list.


Selecting the option to ‘Show pending registrations’ will make all attendees names visible in the list of attendees, including those who have pending registrations (i.e- those who have not made payment as yet, or those that chose to proceed with on-site payment). If you wish to include these people in your event, you can select this option.


Selecting the option to allow ‘Automatic check-in after scanned’ will allow attendees to check themselves in automatically once they scan their QR code e-ticket.


The option to ‘Disable onsite registration’ will prevent those that have not registered for the event from registering. This feature is only applicable for the ‘Self check-in’ mode. Attendees who wish to register on the spot can only do so using the ‘Admin Control Check-in’ option.


You may also change the type of barcode you wish to scan. For tickets or e-tickets that use  non-QR barcodes, change the type of barcode you want to scan to that of your ticket barcode type.



Going back to the main screen and selecting the printer icon redirects users to the printer settings page, as shown below.



To select a printer, simply touch the ‘Select Printer’ box and available printers will appear. Ensure that the iPad and the printer are both connected to the same wifi network.

Paper specifications can be set from the same page. 


Selecting the option to ‘Show print button on attendees list’ will allow you to print their ticket when you swipe left on their name when it is displayed in the attendee list (as shown)




If you chose the option to ‘Automatically print badge when checked-in’, the attendee’s badge will automatically be printed once checked either through a QR code scan or a manual check-in.


Last updated: 17-Jan-2018