The process of uploading attendee details in bulk (i.e bulk registration), is fairly straightforward, and can be done using the following steps.


1. Choose the CSV file containing attendee information

Click on 'Choose file' to select the file.

Note that a maximum of 500 attendees may be registered per batch.

Also note that all the attendees from this batch must share the same ticket type. Eg- the batch must contain the details of all those who have VIP tickets only. 



Once finished, click 'Upload'


2. Field mapping:

  • Enter a batch name for this particular batch.
  • Select the ticket type that all the attendees share. (once again note that all attendees must share the same ticket type to enable bulk registration)



  • Map the fields (ie-the columns) from the file to the fields of the registration form. (eg- if you stored the first names of your attendees under the column called ‘firstname’ in your Excel or Numbers file, you must map ‘firstname’ to ‘First Name’)



  • Do not import empty fields. Ensure that no field imported is blank or incomplete.


  • Click ‘Continue’


3. Once the data file has successfully been uploaded, click ‘Process Now’ to import attendees.



4. You will now be able to send the attendees a confirmation email and view the attendees uploaded.



The comfirmation email is then sent to the attandee along with the QR code e-ticket. To learn more about QR code e-tickets, click here.




Important points to note while creating a CSV file:


  • You can convert an Excel or Numbers file to a CSV file by using the ‘export’ feature on a Mac, or the ‘save-as’ feature on Windows.
  • Note that the process is made easier if extra rows on the excel or numbers file are deleted(as shown in the screenshot below). Delete all the rows after the last entry. Extra columns are not a concern.



  • Ensure that the format for any Date field in the Excel or Numbers file is DD-MMM-YYYY. For example, 28-JAN-2002




Last updated: 11-Sep-2018