EventNook allows you to customize the reminder email, including the QR code tickets, and send it automictically to all the registrants in a short time or with a specific date and time.

We usually recommend sending reminder emails two times, at least if possible. EventNook's "Reminder Email" feature is almost similar to the "Email to Attendees" feature except for the QR code e-ticket for admission to the event in the email template.

To set a reminder email, here are a few steps to follow.

  • Go to My Events>>Manage Event>> Manage>> Communication>> Reminder Email

  • Click on Add New Schedule

  • Fill up the detailed information in the following fields, as shown in the picture below.

From Name: The sender's name shown in the recipients' mailbox (By default, it is your EventNook account holder name);

Reply-To: An email address to which recipients can reply (By default, it is your EventNook account email);

Send To: Select who you want to send this email to - Approved Attendees, Pending Attendees, or Checked in Attendees. You can see how many attendees there are in each category;

Tickets: You can send the same message to all the registrants or customize the message for each of your event tickets. For example, if you want to send specific information such as Keynotes to only Speakers, this feature would be useful.

Subject: You can edit the Subject line of this email based on your email contents.

  • Enter the message under Email Body

  • You can add an email banner by clicking on Add Banner and upload the image.

E-ticket is attached under the email context.

  • You can schedule the email with two options:

Immediate - to trigger an email immediately.

Specific Date and Time - To automatically trigger an email at a particular date and time.

  • You can send a test email to see how it looks before creating an email schedule by clicking on Send a Test Email.

  • Click on "Create Email Schedule" to save all the setups.

  • After scheduling, you can recheck the email under Email Schedule

  • Click on the Edit button to edit or change the email settings if required,

  • You can check if those scheduled emails are correctly sent under the Email Status.

The above image is an example of Reminder Email.

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