EventNook's Invitation feature allows sending customized invitations via email to each invitee. Unlike other standard invite emails, the EventNook invitation email feature will enable you to send each guest a unique and personalized registration link that will be pre-filled with the recipient guest's necessary information such as name, email, etc., filling up the form easier for your guest.

This guide would cover the following parts, and click each of the following links for quick navigation.

Before you send it, you can customize your invitation email and you can read the article on how to customize it here.

Invite a guest

After you have customized your invitation email, then you can send a personalized invitation email by following below steps:

  • Go to My Events>> Manage Event>>Manage>> Communication>> Send Invitation.

  • Click on Invite a guest of the selected ticket type.

  • Fill up the necessary information of your guest as shown in the picture below.

Notes: "Email" would be compulsory, and all the information you filled up would be pre-filled on the guest side. You can also leave the registration field you do not know or it's uncertain.

  • Click on Send Invitation to send the invite email.

  • Afterwards, the guest will receive a unique registration link embedded in an invitation email. The guest can register in that pre-populated registration form with pre-filled information added by the organizer.

Send Bulk Invite

EventNook allows you to send customized invitation emails in bulk at the same time by uploading the invitees' information to the system. Before uploading the bulk invitees' information, please make sure about setting up event information, ticket types, and registration forms correctly.

To send a bulk invite email, please refer to the following steps.

  • Go to My Events>> Manage Event>>Manage>> Communication>> Send Invitation.

  • Click on Send Bulk Invite under the Attendee Invitation.

  • Prepare the invitees' information file to upload

  • Download a sample file from the embedded link of Sample File Format.

  • Then, fill up the invitees' information to appear as pre-filled in the registration form.

  • Save the files in CSV format.

Notes: It allows to upload the CSV formatted files (maximum 4MB) and up to 500attendees per batch.

  • Under Upload File tab, click Choose File and select the file to be uploaded

  • Click Upload.

Under Field Mapping tab,

  • Enter Batch Name: Enter a batch name for this particular batch.

  • Choose Ticket Type: Select the ticket type related to the invitees; (once again, note that the ticket type must be the same in the batch to enable bulk invitation).

  • Map Column: Map the columns from the file to the fields of the registration form. For example, if you stored the first names of your invitees under the column called "first name" in your CSV excel file, the "first name" in the excel column has to be imported to 'First Name' of the registration field);

  • Click Proceed with Upload.

a) Do not import empty fields. Ensure that no field imported is blank or incomplete.
b) If the imported field or column is not matched, you can click on "Change" and select the correct one from the dropdown field.

  • Under Process tab, review the data before proceeding.

  • Click Process Now when all the data are ready to be imported.

  • Under Send Invitation Email tab, you can now send the invitees an invitation email by clicking on Send Invitation Email Now.

  • You can click on View Invitations to view the invitees uploaded.

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