You can choose to add additional pages for other event information.

Pages are sections where you can include further details which you did not include in the primary event information page. This could be things like agenda, speakers background, or concert line-up, as shown below.

Please refer to the following steps to add additional pages.

  • Go to My Event>>Edit Event>>Site Content>>Pages

  • Click on Add New Page.

  • You can edit the page and insert pictures and videos into the page, just like editing your Event Information page earlier.

You can see the Website Pages List after creating the page.

  • Click View Page to view your created page.

  • If you want to edit or delete the page, click on Action and hit Edit Page or Delete Page button to proceed.

  • Click on Save Changes to save all the setups.

The new page will appear next to the Home page on top of your event website.

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