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How to allow Self Edit Registration
How to allow Self Edit Registration
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EventNook allows the organizer to permit attendees to edit or update their own registration when needed. This can make it easier for your attendees when they want to change their registered details. To enable these, please refer to the following steps

  • Go to Manage My Events -> Manage -> Setting

  • Under Setting, click the Registration Setting menu and go to My Order Setting

  • Enable the Allow Self-Edit Registration as shown below.

If the Allow Self-Edit Registration option is enabled, the registrant can access "Edit Order" in the View Registration link after the registration. The View Registration link will be sent in the confirmation email and visible on the registration Thank you page.

If you want to add the View Registration or Edit Registration link to the confirmation email content, copy the link below. Please note that Edit Registration can be accessed only if the Allow Self-Edit Registration is enabled.

View Registration Link{{eventInfo.eid}}?uid={{order.uid}}&orderno={{order.orderNo}}

Edit Registration Link{{eventInfo.eid}}?uid={{order.uid}}&orderno={{order.orderNo}}

View Registration link example on Thank you page

Edit Order Example

Edit Order Detail Sample

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