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How to set up a custom sender email with a custom domain to prevent Email Spoofing
How to set up a custom sender email with a custom domain to prevent Email Spoofing
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If you are hosting a major event for your brand or a big conference and you are looking to have custom branding from website to email domain, EventNook offers a specialized service to help you set up a custom sender email with your brand's domain name, ensuring your emails are secure and deliverable. under our Premium packages.

EventNook provides custom domain email branding, including a custom sender email with your brand's domain name for email communications such as Invitation Emails, Registration Confirmation Emails, Event Reminder Emails, etc.

The custom sender email with your domain brand (E.g., requires a proper domain verification process and configuration in the domain DNS setting to avoid maximum acceptance rate as a valid email and minimize email spam and spoofing behavior. With a proper verified setup process, you can protect your brand from email spoofing and avoid spam filters.

Understanding Spam and Email Spoofing


Spam emails are unsolicited messages sent in bulk, often for advertising, phishing, or spreading malware. Spam filters are designed to block these emails, but they can sometimes mistakenly mark legitimate emails as spam, especially if proper authentication measures are not in place.

Email Spoofing

Email spoofing involves forging the sender address on emails to make them appear as if they are from a trusted source. This technique is commonly used in phishing attacks to deceive recipients into revealing sensitive information or downloading malicious software.

Steps to Properly Set Up a Custom Sender Email

To avoid being marked as spam and prevent email spoofing, we need to follow these steps to configure your custom sender email properly:

1. Requirement for Verifying Your Domain

  • A Valid email inbox: The sender's email must be a valid email inbox, and you will need to receive a verification email. If you haven't got an inbox, you will need to create an inbox.

  • Domain Verification: Log in to your domain registrar's website (E.g., GoDaddy, Cloudflare, etc.) and add the DNS records provided by EventNook to verify your domain ownership.

2. Configure SPF (Sender Policy Framework)

  • Purpose: SPF specifies which mail servers are authorized to send emails on behalf of your domain.

  • Configuration: Add an SPF record to your domain's DNS settings. This record lists the IP addresses or hostnames of authorized mail servers.

  • Example SPF Record:

    v=spf1 -all

3. Set Up DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)

  • Purpose: DKIM adds a digital signature to your emails, verifying the sender and ensuring the email has not been altered during transit.

  • Configuration: Generate a DKIM key pair (public and private keys). Publish the public key as a DNS TXT record.

    Example DKIM Record: IN TXT "v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=public_key"

4. Implement DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance)

  • Purpose: DMARC builds on SPF and DKIM, allowing domain owners to specify how unauthenticated emails should be handled and providing a mechanism for reporting.

  • Configuration: Create a DMARC policy to define how receivers should treat emails that fail SPF or DKIM checks.

    Example DMARC Record: IN TXT "v=DMARC1; p=reject;"

5. Configure Your Custom Domain Setting in EventNook platform

  • Our team will help to configure this.

  • Testing: Send test emails to ensure they are being delivered correctly and are not marked as spam.

EventNook’s Custom Domain Setup Service

EventNook offers a comprehensive custom domain setup service to help our customers establish a custom sender email with their brand's domain name. Our service ensures that your emails are properly authenticated to prevent spoofing and improve deliverability. Here’s what we offer:

  • Domain Verification Assistance: We help verify your domain ownership.

  • DNS Configuration: We set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records to authenticate your emails.

  • Email Client Configuration Guidance: We provide instructions on how to configure your email client with the custom domain.

Get Started with EventNook

To take advantage of our custom domain setup service, contact us at []. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, ensuring your emails are secure, professional, and deliverable.

By properly setting up a custom sender email with your brand's domain name and configuring the necessary authentication protocols, you can protect your brand from email spoofing, avoid spam filters, and ensure your emails reach their intended recipients.

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