If you are planning a corporate or private event, you might want to consider making your whole event private and invite-only. This guide will show you how to set up an invite-only event.

Note: This is different from setting up partially private events (making specific ticket tiers invite-only). For instructions on that, proceed to the invitation code page.

Here is a detailed instruction.


1. Go to Edit Settings

Edit Settings

On My Event page, click Edit Event - Edit Settings to go to the settings page.


2. Scroll down to Private Event Registration section

Private Event Registration


Note: By default, all of the events you created are public (everyone with a link can register). If you want your event to be partially private, check our Invitation Code function.


3. Make your event invite-only

Make your event invite-only

Check the Invite-Only event box and set up an Invitation Password. Share this password to your attendees so they can register.


4. Save your changes

Save your changes

 Click on Save Changes to save this setting.


5. Preview

Sample Registration

Now your event is invite-only! Only people with a registration invitation code will be able to register for your whole event. If you want to make some categories of your tickets private, proceed to the invitation code page for more instructions.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@eventnook.com.

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019