If you want to know where your attendees are coming from — Facebook campaign, Instagram campaign or your own website, our Referral Code feature is here for you! You can see where the attendees are coming from based on the links they used to register. Hopefully, this may help you better understand your attendees!

It is very simple to set up a referral link for your event. Here is the detailed instructions on how to do so:

1. Go to your Event Dashboard


On your Event Dashboard, click on View Event on the top right corner, and in the dropdown menu, click on Show Event URL


2. Copy your Event URL

Event URL

Copy your Event Page URL.


3. Paste and Add your Referral Code

In a notepad or any text processing tool, paste your original event URL. Then add a ?rcode=CAMPAIGNCODE to create a Referral link. This campaign code here can be any string you want, but we recommend something you can refer to later. Some examples might be the following:

Paste and add your code


4. Share your Referral link


Share this referral link in your social media campaigns! When an attendee registers using the link you shared on Facebook, they will be marked as "facebook" in your order management backend.


5. Check where they come from

Go to your Dashboard, click on Manage, and then in the dropdown, click on View Orders.

View Orders


Check the Show All Columns box, and then click on View.

Show All Columns


Then you can see where your attendees come from under the Referral column.

Referral Column


Hopefully this guide has helped you set up your social media campaign tracking links! Feel free to contact us at hello@eventnook.com if you have any further questions about this feature! 

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019