We provide auto-generated receipts and invoices for event ticket sales. You can customize them in Settings - Event Payment & Invoice - Receipt & Invoice. 

For quick navigation of key features, use the following shortcuts:


Below is a detailed instruction:

1. Go to Event Settings


On My Events page, click on Edit Event - Edit Settings of the event you want to make changes to.


2. Go to Receipt & Invoice setting

Go to Receipt & Invoice

On the left bar, click on Receipt & Invoice.


3. Set up your Business Billing Information

Business Billing Information

  • Put your Organization Name and Billing Contact Details you want to have on the receipts and invoices;
  • If your event is enabled with tax (GST/VAT), also put your business' Tax Registration No.;
  • You can also set a prefix for your invoice.


4. Send Auto-Generated Invoices

This option is for attendees who are paying with offline options (cheque, bank transfer, onsite payment). 

Send Invoice

If you choose this option, add Payment Terms and an optional Terms & Conditions in the invoice. We also provided an example in case you are not sure what invoice terms & conditions look like.


Add Logo

You can also add a company or event logo in the invoices and receipts.


6. Preview

You can also preview your own receipt and invoice in the top right corner of this box.

Preview Button


This is what your receipt and invoice will look like:

Receipt Preview

Invoice Preview

Hope this guide helps! If you have additional questions on receipts & invoices, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@eventnook.com.


Last updated: 12-Sep-2019