If you want to make changes to your event site while your event is live, or you want to have access to your previous events but your account is different, the Clone Events feature will be useful. 

Here is the detailed instruction on how to do so. 

1. Go to Event Settings

Event Settings

On your Event Dashboard, click on Setup on the upper left, and, in the dropdown menu, click on Settings


2. Go to Clone Event feature

Clone Event feature

Click on Clone Event on the sidebar.


3. Clone your event

Clone Your Event

  • New Event Title: You can choose to rename your cloned event;
  • Other Settings: These are some of the advanced settings of your event - if you wish to clone some of them as well, check the boxes in front of each;
  • Owner User Name: By default, your account will be the owner of the event, but you can also change the ownership to another account (e.g. your new account or your coworker's account).

After completing all the above, click on Clone Event to finish! You can check your new cloned event in My Event or the new account's Event.

My Event

This cloned event will be in Draft Mode. You can edit and preview it without changing your ongoing event!


Hopefully this guide helped you in cloning your events! If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@eventnook.com!

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019