You can send text messages to your attendees under certain circumstances (e.g. reminder messages, urgent messages). The process is very simple and straightforward. 

Here is the detailed instructions on how to do so:

1. Go to Dashboard

Email Attendees

On your Event Dashboard, click on Manage, and in the dropdown menu, click on Email to Attendees.


2. Go to SMS Attendees feature

SMS Attendees feature

On the left sidebar of the page, click on SMS to Attendees.


3. Enter your message

Enter your message

Unfortunately, the sender name (name shown as the sender on messaging apps) can only be EventNook.

Enter your message content. You can include merge fields into your message (e.g. ticket code, full name, first name, last name, and ticket URL); just put the fields listed under the box in the respective position as shown in the example above.


3. Test and Send

Test and Send

You can choose to send this message to approved, pending, or checked-in attendees.

Enter a mobile number in the box for testing.

Click on Send Now to send this message to your attendees!


Hopefully this guide has helped in sending SMS to your attendees! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at!

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019