This guide covers how to complete the Event Information page of the setup process. 

Event Information page breaks into five sections. Click on any of them for quicker navigation:

Basic Information

Basic Information

  • Event Title: Sometimes, your title might be too long for the page to display them right; in this case, try using Tagline to contain the less important part of your title.
  • Event Unique URL: This will be the URL of your event. For advanced URL settings, see Event URLs.
  • Tagline: This will appear below your Event Title. Use it for anything you might find necessary.
  • Start/End Date and Time: Set your event duration here.
  • Time Zone: Set the time zone in which your event will happen or that works best for you and the attendees. This time zone setting will be used for other time-related settings as well.

Location / Venue


Put your event location/venue name in, then select the accurate location name from the suggestions. Google will help you with the Address and Country. If there are no matching results from the suggestions, you can put in address and country yourself.

The Google Map location and the exact address will appear on your event page by default. If you don't want this, check Hide Google Map or Hide Address

Event Details

This is the main content of your site, write about what this event is, why should people attend, etc. You can also add images or videos. Below are some instructions on how to add them.

Add Images

1. Upload from your computer

Upload Image

Click on Choose file, then choose the image you want to upload (the image should be smaller than 4MB, JPG, GIF, and PNG only). Click Upload Image.

Insert Image

For Width x Height, we recommend entering 100% for Width and nothing for Height. This will ensure the best performance on both web browsers and mobile phones.

Then hit Insert Image and you are done.

2. Embed with a URL

URL Image

Click on the Image icon under the Upload Image button.


Enter your link, description and dimensions. We recommend entering 100% for Width and nothing for Height.

Embed Videos


Click on the Video icon under the Upload Image button.


Enter your link. We also recommend entering 100% for Width and nothing for Height as this will ensure the best performance on both web browsers and mobile phones.

Organizer's Contact

Organizer's Contact

  • Enter your contact information in the respective boxes. This information will appear on the right bar of your event page.
  • Facebook Page URL: If you have a Facebook page, enter it here. A box will appear on the right bar, people can see your Facebook updates and like your page on Facebook.

Other Options

These are optional categorizations of your event. It helps your attendees know what kind of event yours is.


Now we are done with Event Information. Next up: Currency & Payment.

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019