We provide a variety of different registration URLs to you. This article will introduce them, and hopefully, you will find the one that best suit your needs! Here are the types of Event URLs we provide, click on the link to go to the respective section:


Before anything, you need to go the Registration URL setting page.

My Event

If your event is live, from My Event page, click on Event URL under your event.


Show Event URL

If your event is not live yet, click on the View Event - Show Event URL on the top right of your page.


Show URLs & Widgets

In the next window displayed, click on Show URLs & Widgets.


Event Site URL

Now we are on the Registration URLs page. (To edit this URL, go to Dashboard - Setup - Event Information - Event Unique URL.)

These are links to your event landing page or registration page. 

Event Site URL

  • Event Micro-site URL: The link to your event landing page;
  • Shorten URL: A shorter link to your event landing page. It is often used on your printing materials, so it's easier to type in by hand;
  • Register Landing Page: This link goes straight to your registration page so people can directly register without one more click on the "Register" button.


Direct Registration URL

Direct Registration URL

These links will directly lead the attendees to a particular ticket type for registration. You can click View to see what it will look like.

Below is what clicking on the General Admission Registration URL will look like.

Direct Registration Link


Create Private URL

Private URLs are useful when you want to make certain ticket types not visible to the public but accessible through a private URL.

Private URL

Add a custom string to the box behind the link for the private ticket type.

Note: By default, ticket types with a private link will be hidden from the registration page. Check the Show In Public box if you still want to open this type to the public. You do not need to check this box for types that don't have a private link.

Private URL

Click Save Changes to create this private ticket type!


Private URL

After saving, you can click View to see what it looks like.


Private URL

Now you are done! Share this link with your attendees!


Hopefully, this guide helps you better understand our different URL styles. Do not hesitate to contact us at hello@eventnook.com if you still have questions!

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019