You can enable tax charges (GST, VAT) in your ticket sales. Below is the detailed instruction on how to do so. 


1. Go to Event Settings

Event Settings

On your Event Dashboard, click on Setup, and then, in the dropdown menu, click on Settings.


2. Go to Tax Setting

Tax Setting

On the left sidebar, click on Tax Setting.


3. Set up your tax collection

Tax Details

On the next page, check the Tax Collection box to enable tax on your event ticket sales.

  • Tax Name: Choose which kind of tax you want to collect (GST or VAT);
  • Tax Rate: Specify the rate of the tax in percentage;
  • Tax Registration No.: Your corporation's tax registration number;
  • Tax Calculation Options: Choose whether the tax is exclusive or inclusive of the ticket price.


4. Select ticket type

Select Ticket Type

You can select which ticket type you want to apply your tax. Do not forget to hit Save Changes after you are done!


Your registration will look like this after applying the tax.

Registration Page


Hopefully this guide helps you in collecting tax! Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any further questions!

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019