This article shows you how to create different tickets types for your event (e.g., General Admission, VIP Admission). You can create different ticket types or different pricing tiers. This guide will cover both:

Create Ticket Types

1. Create a ticket type

Create a ticket

Enter the Ticket Name, Quantity Available, and Price (in your selected currency) to create your first ticket type! If the ticket is free, check the "Free" box.


2. More options

More options

Click on more options on the right to customize your ticket type.

  • Ticket Description: You can add a description to your ticket type. This description will, by default, be hidden under "show detail." If you want to expand this description by default, check the "Show ticket description as an auto-expanded display" box below.
  • Start / End Time: You can also select the duration of your event based on your needs (For time-sensitive ticket types such as Early Birds Rate and Normal Rate, we recommend using Tier Pricing function).
  • Tickets allowed per order: You can set the range of quantity customers are allowed to choose from. This feature might be helpful when you are creating a group ticket (4 tickets minimum) or single ticket (1 ticket maximum).
  • Status: There are three status options: Active, Sales Ended, and Hidden. Select Sales Ended only when you are sure you want to end the sale for this ticket type.

Remember to click on Create Ticket to complete!

3. Create more tickets

Create more tickets

Click on Add Ticket Type to create another ticket type!


Set Tier Pricing

EventNook allows you to set ticket tier pricing (ex: early bird rate) so that you can offer guests a special discount for particular circumstances, such as for people who are willing to register for your event early.

1. Tier pricing

Tier Pricing

Click on Set Tier Pricing after completing all ticket types.

2. Select the number of tiers

Number of Tiers

We provide up to four pricing tiers; one tier corresponds to one different pricing type (e.g., for three tiers, you might want to set "Early Birds Rate", "Member Rate", "Normal Rate."). Each pricing tier will apply to all the ticket types you created in the last section.

3. Set up details

Set up details

The image above is for two-tiered pricing, but other types will be similar. Note that different tiers cannot be on sale at the same time.

  • Header Text: Enter the different names for the pricing type.
  • Sales End Date: This field is mandatory. When the Sales End Date for the first tier is reached, the next tier will be automatically on sale. You can also check the Auto-Hide Tier Setting box to automatically hide your tier pricing after its effective date.
  • Ticket Price: Enter the price for this new ticket pricing tier (one row for each ticket type). 

Click on Save Changes and you are done!


This is what your registration box will look like when the event is live.


Set Pricing by Categories

You can also sell your tickets by categories (e.g., Members and non-members, Student and Adult). This is a beta feature at the moment, please contact us if you want to use this feature.

1. Go to Advanced Ticket Pricing

Advanced Ticket Pricing

Click on Set Advanced Pricing after completing your ticket types.

2. Enable Pricing by Categories

Enable Pricing by Categories

Check the box to enable Pricing By Categories. Then, click on Save Changes.

3. Add Ticket Categories

Add Ticket Categories

You will see a yellow box telling you there is no category for now. Click on Add Price Category.


Category Details

Enter the information for this ticket category:

  • Ticket Category Code: A unique identifier for this ticket type;
  • Ticket Category Name: A descriptive name for the category (e.g., Student, Member, etc.);
  • Status: Active or Inactive. Inactive categories will be hidden from the registration site;
  • Select Ticket Types: The types of tickets you want to apply to this category.

Click on Save Changes after you are done.

Add More Ticket Categories

Click on Add Pricing Category button to add more categories.

4. Set Pricing

Set Pricing

After completing all the categories you want, go back to the Advanced Ticket Pricing tab.

Set Pricing

Now you can set the prices for different price categories. Don't forget to Save Changes after you are done! 

5. Preview

This is what your registration box will look like. 





Now you are done with Creating Tickets. Next up: Registration Form.

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019