In this section, you can customize your event registration page to make it look better and more informative. In case you just dropped in, we are now at the Event Setup page, Site Content tab. There are four tabs on this page, simply click on the hyperlinks below if you are having trouble with any of the particular section.

Site Banner Image

You can add a banner to your event landing page. This image will appear on top of your event website.

Site Banner Image

To do this, go to the Site Banner Image tab, click on choose file, choose your banner image (be aware that your image cannot exceed 3MB), hit Upload Image, and you are done!

To remove this image, simply click Remove Cover Image to do so.

Add Pages

Under this section, you can choose to add additional pages for other event information. Pages are sections where you can include further details which you did not include in the primary event information page. This could be things like agenda, speakers background or concert line-up, as shown below.

Add Page

To do so, simply click on Add new page. You can edit the page just like you edit your Event Information page earlier! If you want a guide on how to insert pictures and videos into the page, click here.

Website Theme

We provide three different themes for your event: Default, Creative, Inspire. You can try previewing all of them and see which one suits your event the most!

If you have made up your mind, click Apply to confirm this change.

Custom Header

You can customize your header on the event landing page in this section. This will replace the text and banner on top of your event landing page.

Custom Header

Remember to check Use Custom MastHead once you are done and want to use this header as your event landing page header.


Now you are all done with event setup! If you are ready to make your event live, do so now! Simply hit the Make Event Live button on the top right corner of the page.

Make Event Live!

Hopefully this article has helped you to set up your event smoothly! If you have any other questions, please do not hestitate to contact us at!

Last updated: 16-Sep-2019