If your event has exhibition booths, the exhibitors might want to collect information from their potential customers. You, as the organizer, can decide which part of your attendees' information the exhibitors have access to. Exhibitors can scan attendees' QR Codes and get their information as an Excel file after the event.

This guide will walk you through the entire process.


1. Set up Booth Information

Set up Booth Information

You can create exhibition booth accounts in the link we send you. Simply click on Create a Visitor Booth Setting.


Exhibitor Information

You can set up the exhibitor's information in this section.

  • Exhibitor Name: The name of the booth/exhibitor;
  • Exhibitor Email: The exhibitor's email;
  • Exhibitor ID: A unique identifier for this exhibitor - you cannot change it after creating;
  • Exhibitor Access Code: A password for the exhibitor to log in to the Lead Check-In App.


Information Allowed

You can also choose which part of attendees' information you want the exhibitor to see. Simply check the boxes of the fields you want to allow.

Then click on Create Setting.


2. Set Data Expiry Date

You can set a date when the exhibitors can no longer download the information they gathered during your event.

Data Expiry Date

Click on Action, and in the dropdown menu, click on Export Data Setting.



Enter the Expiry Date in the box (format: YYYY-MM-DD). Click on Save Changes.


3. Send Information to exhibitors

Send Information

Click on Action, and in the dropdown menu, click on Send Booth Information Email to Exhibitor.


Send Information

Enter the email into the box. You can also add CC and BCC in the email. Click on Send Email.



This is what the email would look like.


4. Lead Check-In

Exhibitors will need to download the EventNook Lead Check-In App from the App Store. 

Lead Check-In App Store


The exhibitors can use their email, Exhibitor ID, and Access Code (password) to log in.

Login Page


Now the exhibitor can scan visitors' QR Code. After scanning a QR Code, they can add a note. Their contacts will be visible in View Contacts

App Interface


They can download all the visitors' information after the event using the link given in the email sent to them. 

Gues Information


Hopefully this guide has helped with using our Lead Check-In app! If you have any further questions about our Lead Check-in, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@eventnook.com!

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019