The Brother label printer is portable, light-weighted, yet versatile in various scenarios. It is relatively easy to handle and use. This article will walk you through the four-step setup. 

Here is a video tutorial:

We also have a step-by-step walkthrough for your reference:

  1. Turn on the printer
  2. Connect to the Internet
  3. Load Paper
  4. Setup for Printing

1. Turn on the Printer

Plug the power cable into the Brother printer. 

Power Cable


Click on the Power Button on the left. Wait for a few seconds until you see the desktop.

Power Button


2. Connect to the Internet

There are two ways to connect the printer to the internet: Cable and WiFi. We recommend using a cable because it is easier to set up and the connection is also more stable. 

Cable Connection

Turn on the router and plug in the cable. Once you hear a "click" sound, the cable has been properly plugged. If not, try doing it again.

Router cable


Plug the other end of the cable to the back of the printer. Again, a "click" sound indicates that it is properly plugged.

Printer Cable


Click the Menu button on the printer.

Menu Button


Go to WLAN.



Make sure your WLAN is OFF. And you are connected!



Below is how to connect using WiFi, you can safely skip to the next part if you do not need to use the WiFi connection. 

WiFi Connection

Click the Menu button on the printer and go to WLAN. Turn WLAN ON.



The connection might take a few seconds. Once you see the menu screen again, click on OK.

WiFi Connection


Move down to WPS Button Push. Do not press anything.

WPS Button Push


Press and hold the WPS button on the top right corner of the router until a "WPS" shows on the router screen.

WPS button

WPS Router


Press OK twice on the printer. Printer and the router will start to connect - this process might take more than 30 seconds.

WiFi Connecting


When a ✓ shows up on the router screen, the router is ready.

Checkmark Router


When a message "Connected!" shows up on the printer screen, the printer is ready.



Click the back⤶ button twice to go back to Main Menu. When you see a WiFi sign on the top right corner, you are all set!

WiFi Sign


3. Load Paper

On the paper roll, find the side with punched holes and face it downwards.

Paper Roll


Load the paper in. Place the side with holes to the right side of the printer. 

Load Paper Roll In


Roll the paper until the paper comes out slightly in the opening of the printer. Make sure the edge of the paper aligns with the printer.

Roll Paper

The printer will automatically calibrate once you close the shell.

Now you are ready to print!


4. Print

You can do printing in three ways: QR Code check-in, Manual Check-in, and Walk-in Registration. We will walk you through all of them here. The first few steps are the same for all three methods.

Connect your iPad to the same WiFi network as the printer.

iPad WiFi

WiFi Name


Log in to one of EventNook's Apps using the QR Code log in. For detailed instructions on how to log in using QR code, check out this tutorial.

EventNook App


Once you are logged in, click on Admin Control Check-in.

Admin Control Check-in


Click on the Printer icon on the top right hand corner. 

Printer Icon


On the top, click on Select Printer to add your printer. Also, check the two boxes below. 

Select Printer


Now your printer setting is all set on the app. We will show you three ways to check attendees in and print badges.

QR Code Check-in

In the Admin Control Check-in page, click on QR Scan at the bottom right.

QR Code


Scan an attendee's QR Code, and the name tag will be instantly printed out.

QR Code

QR Code


Manual Check-in

If an attendee forgets his/her QR Code, you can manually check them in.

In the Admin Control Check-in page, click on Manual at the bottom left. 

Manual Check-in


You can search the attendee using their name or email.

Manual Check-in


Once you find the attendee's registration, slide to the right until you see a green checkmark and click on it.

Manual Check-in


The attendee is now checked in, and the badge will be printed instantly.

Manual Check-in 

Walk-In Registration

You can also register and check-in an attendee in the iPad app if your event supports walk-in registration.

In the Admin Control Check-in page, click on the Pencil icon on the top right hand corner of the screen.


Complete the attendee's registration.





In the next page, click on CHECK-IN to check the attendee in immediately and print the name tag.



Manual Registration


Hopefully this tutorial helps with the Brother label printer set up! Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any further questions on how to set up your Brother printer for printing.

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019