You can send messages to your attendees through email and you can also send different messages to different ticket types.

Here is the detailed instructions on how to do so:


1. Go to Email Attendees feature

Email Attendees

On your Event Dashboard, click on Manage, and in the dropdown menu, click on Email to Attendees.


2. Edit Address & Subject Line

Address & Subject Line

You will need to enter the sender information, reply-to emails, recipients, and subject line. All four fields are mandatory.

  • Name: The sender's name shown in the recipients' mailbox (By default, it is your EventNook account holder name);
  • Reply-To Email: An email address to which recipients can reply (By default, it is your EventNook account email);
  • To: Select who you want to send this email to - Approved Attendees, Pending Attendees, or Checked in Attendees. You can see how many attendees there are in each category;
  • Subject: You can edit the Subject line of this email.


3. Enter your message


You can enter your message in the box provided. You can also embed links and images into the email.


4. Test and Send

Test And Send

You can send a test email to see if everything is alright. 

After you are done, click on Send Now to send this message to your attendees!


Hopefully this guide has helped you in emailing to your attendees! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at!

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019