If you want to make certain ticket types only available to some people (e.g. VIP tickets in a public event), invitation codes are the way to go.

Invitation codes are useful if you wish to sell tickets to the public, and at the same time give special rates to groups of people such as members or colleagues.

Note: This guide is not to be confused with discount codes or protecting your entire event with a password. If these are what you are looking for, click on the respective links.

Below are detailed instructions:


1. Go to Invitation Codes in your Dashboard

Dashboard-Invitation Code

Go to your Event Dashboard, in the drop-down menu of Manage, click on Invitation Codes


2. Create an Invitation Code

Create a Invitation Code

Click on Create an invitation code, this will create one invitation code at a time. You can also create multiple invitation codes at the same time by clicking on Create bulk invitation codes.


3. Set up your Invitation Codes

If you chose to Create an invitation code option in the previous step, this is what you will see.

Create an invitation code

Go ahead and set up your code, select Status and the ticket type(s) you want to apply this code to.


Bulk invitation codes are similar to one invitation code; just put all your invitation codes in the text box, with one code per line. The rest will be the same.

 Create bulk invitation codes


4. Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

Click on Show Other Options, and you can set the following parameters:

  • Set min. and max. quantity: How many tickets attendees must/can buy with this invitation code. For example, if it is a group invitation code, you might set the min to 4. If this invitation code is made specifically for one VIP, you might want to set the max to 1.
  • Limit Usage Count: How many times you want this invitation code to be used. For example, if this invitation code is made specifically for one VIP, it makes sense to set the limit to 1 in order to prevent abusing of this invitation code.
  • Valid Period: How long you want this code to be effective. This is optional. It might be useful when your invitation is only valid for a period of time.

Note: All invitation codes in one bulk invitation upload must have the same settings. If you want different options for different codes, you will need to upload multiple times.

Remember to save your code(s) before you go!


5. Enable Event Registration with Invitation Codes

Enable Event Registration with Invitation Codes

After successfully creating your invitation codes, you will be directed to this page. Now you will need to enable Event Registration with an invitation code. Simply click the hyperlink there and you will be prompted to set that up.


Event Registration Settings

In Password Protection Option, choose the 3rd option — Event Registration with Invite Codes for selected tickets.

Then choose which ticket type(s) you want to protect with your invitation codes.


6. Test it out

Registration protected by invitation code

This is what your customers will see when they want to buy a ticket type that is protected by your invitation code. They need to provide a valid invitation code to proceed with registration.


This is how to set certain ticket types private for a certain group to register. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019