To use EventNook for onsite check-in, you will need to login to the EventNook app using your EventNook account. However, there are often more than one check-in counters managed by your volunteers or external staff, and you would not want them to have full access to your account or your other events. 

This is where QR Code login comes in. It can give your volunteers or staff access to the app while limiting their access to only checking in, printing, and walk-in registration.

Here is the detailed instruction on how to do so:

1. Go to Check-in App Login feature

User Access

Go to your event Dashboard, in the dropdown menu of Setup, click on User Access.

Check-in App

After directed to the User Access page, find Check-in App Login on the sidebar and click on it.

2. Add a Check-in Login Access

In the Check-in App Login page, click on + Add Check-in Login.

Check-in Login

  • Event ID: A unique identifier of your current event - it cannot be changed;
  • Counter ID: Enter a unique identifier for this counter access (e.g. Counter_1 or C1);
  • Passcode: A passcode to protect this login access.

When you are done, click on Create Check-in Login button.

3. Scan to login

A QR Code will be generated. You can set an expiry date to this QR Code - we recommend the day after your event is over. 

QR Code

Now open the EventNook check-in app, and on the landing page, select Login with QR Code Scan.

Check-in App

Scan the QR Code.

Scan QR Code

Hit Admin Control Check-in, and you have successfully logged in to your event check-in interface!

Admin Control Check-in

4. Check the QR Code later

Click Save Changes on your computer. If you want to make changes to the expiry date, click on the Edit button.



Now you are done creating one check-in app access! Hopefully this guide helps you with the QR code login using our check-in app! Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any further questions!

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019