If you want to upload multiple attendees' information to your event registration, bulk registration is the solution. The process is straightforward, but there are a few things to take note of during the process. Before you start, make sure your event information, ticket types, and registration forms are properly set up. For instructions on these, visit the following links:

When you are done, we can start to bulk register. This guide will lead you through this process.

1. Prepare your file for upload

File Type

Your file needs to be in .csv format to be properly processed by our system. If your document is in .xls, .xlsx, or .numbers, save them as Comma Separated Values (.csv) file in Excel or Numbers using "Save As" or "Export".

File Content

  • Make sure your file has First name, Last Name, and Email as part of the information because these three fields are mandatory in our system. In case any of the three does not apply to your event, you can leave a "-" for that column;
  • Make sure all the information you want to print out is in the file;
  • Make sure the format of any Date field in your file is DD-MMM-YYYY (e.g. 12-MAY-2022);
  • Make sure all attendees in your CSV file belongs to the same ticket type. If there are multiple ticket types in your file, break them up for different bulk registrations.
  • Make sure you have no more than 500 attendees in your file. If you do, break them up into smaller separate files.

Check CSV File

After saving your file as CSV, right-click on the file to open it with TextEdit or Notepad.

Check if there are extra blank spaces, meaning extra commas, as shown below:

Check CSV File

If there are, go back to your Excel file and delete a few rows and columns outside of your fields. To do so, select some columns outside of your contents and delete. And do the same with extra rows. Then export your file to CSV again.

When you've done, your CSV file should look like this:

Check CSV File

Now you are ready to bulk register!


2. Go to the Bulk Registration feature


On your Dashboard, click on Manage, and then in the dropdown menu, click on Bulk Registration.


3. Upload your file


Click on Choose File to select your CSV file.

Note: The bulk registration upload is allowed up to 500 registration per batch. If you have more than 500 registrations in one file, break them up into smaller ones.

Then hit Upload.


4. Field Mapping

Filed mapping

Before mapping, give this batch a unique identifier Batch Name, and choose the ticket type for this batch. 


Field Mapping

Map the fields (i.e. the columns) from the file to the fields of the registration form (e.g. if you stored the first names of your attendees under the column called "firstname" in your Excel or Numbers file, you must map "firstname" to "First Name"). 

To change the default mapping, click on Edit and choose the correct field on the registration form.

To delete this column, click Remove.

Please do not import empty fields. Ensure that no field imported is blank or incomplete.


5. Review and Process


You can briefly check if everything is okay. After that, hit Process Now.


6. Send Confirmation Email

Confirmation Email

Now you have uploaded the attendees to our system. You can send them confirmation emails containing a QR Code for check-in!


You can also preview your email before sending them.


Hit Send Now, and you are done!


Hope this guide helps with your Bulk Registration process! Please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@eventnook.com if you have any questions!

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019