You can add your collaborators to the event backend. Based on their different roles, you can select the collaborator as a manager, who has edit permission, or an analyst, who can only access event reports.

Below is the detailed instruction.

1. Go to User Access feature

User Access

On your Dashboard, click on Setup - User Access.


2. Add a collaborator

Add a collaborator

On Manage Collaborators page, click on + Add a collaborator.


3. Enter collaborator details

collaborator detail

Enter the email of your collaborator first. If your collaborator does not have an account with us yet, he/she will be prompted to register first. 

Then select the role you want this collaborator to be. There are generally three roles:

  1. Admin (Owner) role is the creator and admin of the event. He/She is allowed to manage everything regarding the event.
  2. Manager role is allowed to manage the whole event (such as edit event settings, manage orders, discounts, view reports, etc.) except permission on "Manage Collaborators".
  3. Analyst role is allowed to view reports such as orders and attendees.


Then hit Add User icon, an invitation email will be sent to the collaborator.

Invitation Email

Now you just wait for them to join the event!

A manager will have almost the same access as you, but an analyst will only be able to view the Dashboard, orders, attendees.

If an analyst wants to edit, he/she will see the page below:

Access Restriction


Hopefully, this article helps! Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have further questions on adding a collaborator.

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019