EventNook allows you to show or hide fields for different ticket groups so that you can acquire information only from the group of people you need. For example, if you want to collect the membership numbers from people who are buying member tickets, you do not want to ask other attendees the same question. This is when you need to hide or show specific registration questions.

Before doing this, you need to set up your registration form. For instructions on that, visit Registration Form.

Here is a detailed walkthrough:

1. Go to Event Settings


On your Dashboard, click on Setup - Settings to go to the event settings page.


2. Go to Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

On the left bar, click on Advanced Settings.


3. Go to Show / Hide Fields in Registration Form feature

Show/Hide feature


4. Choose the fields

Choose the Fields

This page shows all your registration form fields except for First Name, Last Name, and Email because they are mandatory in our system. Choose which ones you want to hide or show.


5. Select ticket types to show the fields

Select ticket types

Check the ticket types to which you want to apply this question. By default, every question is applicable for All Tickets.

In the image above, we set the question Membership Number only visible to Member ticket type.


Below is the registration form for people who register as Members:

Member Registration


Below is the registration form for other attendees:

Other Registration


Hopefully, this article helps! Do not hesitate to contact us at hello@eventnook.com if you have further questions! 

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019