A waiting list will automatically be triggered when a specific ticket type sells out or when your event reaches the maximum capacity. This guide will walk you through on how to set up a waiting list for your event.

1. Go to Waiting List feature

Waiting List

Check the Enable Waiting List box if you want to enable this feature.


2. Select Ticket Types

Select Ticket Types

Check the boxes for the ticket type to which you want to apply a waiting list. We also indicate whether the ticket type is PAID or FREE in the brackets after the ticket type for your reference.


3. Edit Waiting List Acknowledgement Message

Under Other Settings, you can click on the links to edit your Waiting List Acknowledgement Message, Waiting List Acknowledgement Email, and customize the Acknowledgment Email.

Click on the link for Waiting List Acknowledgement to edit your message.

Waiting List Acknowledge

Click on the Edit Message box to change the default message. After you are done, click on Save Changes.


4. Edit Waiting List Acknowledgement Email

Click on the link for Waiting List Acknowledgement Email.

Waiting List Acknowledge Email

You can edit the text box in the middle. Click on the Edit Message box to do so. You can also send a test email to yourself by clicking on the Send Test box on the top right.

After you are done, do not forget to Save Changes.


5. Edit Custom Acknowledgement Email

Click on the link for Custom Acknowledgement Email.


Custom Acknowledge Email

You can design your own custom waiting list acknowledgment email. Just copy and paste your HTML code into the box.


6. Preview


This is what the registration site will look like when the waiting list is triggered.

When an attendee registers to be on a waiting list, his/her order will appear as PENDING in our system. To confirm a pending order, please visit our article on Confirming Pending Orders.


Hopefully this guide helps you set up your waiting list. Do not hesitate to contact us at hello@eventnook.com if you have more questions!

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019