You can tag your attendees in our system. Tagging will allow your team to see highlighted information about an attendee during check-in. These taggings will be displayed on the Check-in App or Web Check-in. You can print these taggings on the attendees' badges or you can also use them only for internal reference.

You can use tagging for various purposes; below are some examples.

Tagging Based on Identities

In most corporate events, you might have attendees with various identities coming in. It is crucial to prepare accordingly. For example, you might have VIPs who would have additional receptions, clients, members, or press corps. 

Tag Based on Identities


Tagging Based on Table Numbers

Sometimes when you might have table assignments, tagging will not only allow your team to promptly know the attendee's table assignment, it will also allow the attendees to quickly find their own tables.

Table Number


Tagging Based on T-shirt Sizes

Tagging also becomes useful when you are offering t-shirts or other race packs to your attendees. When an attendee checks in, your team will instantly be informed of his/her t-shirt size and get the correct size instantly. 

T-shirt Size


Here is the detailed instructions on how to tag your attendees.

1. Go to Attendees Check-In feature

Attendees Check-In

On your Event Dashboard, click on Manage on the upper left, and in the dropdown menu, click on Attendee Check-in at the bottom.


2. Go to Tag Attendees feature

Tag Attendees feature

By default, the system will only show Completed Orders. If you wish to tag all Pending Orders as well, check the Include Pending Orders box.

Then click on Tag Attendees to proceed.


3. Select attendees to tag

Select Attendees

Select the attendees that have the same tag by checking the box in front of their names.

You can also find your attendees using the Search bar at the top.


4. Tag your attendees

Tag Attendees

Click on Tag Attendees on the upper right.


Add Tag

Add the name of the tag. Then click Apply to finish.


Tagging Attendees

Now your attendees have been tagged. You can add other tags using the same way.


Hopefully this guide helped you in tagging your attendees! If you have further questions about tagging your attendees, please feel free to contact us at!

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019