Confirmation emails are sent automatically when attendees successfully finish their registrations. There are rare cases where confirmation emails did not reach their mailboxes, in which case you can resend them confirmations. 

Here is the detailed instructions on how to resend a confirmation email:

1. Go to Order Management

View Orders

Go to your Event Dashboard, click on Manage on the upper left, and in the dropdown menu, click on View Orders.


2. Go to Resend Confirmation feature

Resend Confirmation

Find the order to which you want to resend the confirmation email - you can do so by searching their emails or names on top of the page. Click on Action, and in the dropdown menu, click on Resend Confirmation Email.


3. Resend Confirmation

Resend Confirmation

By default, the confirmation will be resent to the registration email, but you can also edit the email address in case the attendee wants to change or if he/she accidentally put the wrong email previously. 

Click on Send, and you are done!


Hopefully this guide has helped you in resending your confirmation email! Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any further questions!

Last updated: 12-Sep-2019