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Security and Data Privacy For Organizers
Security and Data Privacy For Organizers
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Our clients and organizers can rest assured that their registration data safety will be of utmost importance and in good hands.

The privacy policy is essential as it lays out how data is being collected, shared, and used. Being essentially critical for EventNook as our clients collect Registration Data via our event platform and they will be of utmost concern about what happens to the data after their event is over.

Important Privacy Policy Points

  1. EventNook does not and will not own clients' registration data.

  2. EventNook does not and will not use clients' registration data for our commercial purposes such as marketing campaigns.

  3. EventNook supports the permanent removal of registration data periodically or upon request when the event data is no longer needed by the client.

  4. EventNook has maintained a record of ZERO data breaches and we are committed to strive to be zero data breaches.

What are the data security and access control in place?

  • EventNook has security and safety in place to allow data access by a proper login authentication and access authorization based on the logged-in user.

  • EventNook site has protected with Recaptcha, Antiforgery from automated bots access.

  • EventNook website is enabled with Secured Socket Layer (SSL) for secure data transmission between the user and server

  • EventNook organizer account can be enabled with 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) such as SMS / Email OTP for additional security protection with password leakage.

  • EventNook's technical support staff are trained with security practices to avoid data leakage and to manage the client's event registration data securely and safely for technical, business support, and troubleshooting.

Who can access the client's event data?

EventNook has security permission and authorization control in place.

  • A client can access its own events and registration data under the organizer admin account.

  • The organizer admin account can also assign its team members or collaborators to access the event data

Will data collected be shared with any 3rd party organization for marketing or commercial purposes?

Absolutely Nope. EventNook does not use its clients' registration data for commercial and marketing purposes.

Does EventNook have access to the client's registration data?

Yes, Some of EventNook's technical support staff have access to the client's event registration data for technical, business support, and troubleshooting.

Does EventNook store the registration data in any 3rd party service?

Yes, EventNook uses the following cloud service providers and the data will be stored in the following 3rd party cloud service providers.

  • Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, SendGrid, Twilio and Google Cloud Services.

Does EventNook have a cookie policy?

Yes, EventNook has a cookie policy and you can read it here in detail.

Does EventNook purge the registration data after the event?

The owner of the event can request us to purge the event data as and when required (or after the event is over). Our team will purge the data upon the verification is done.

Is EventNook Singapore PDPA Compliant?

EventNook is a Singapore-based company. We are also obligated to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

Is EventNook GDPR Compliant?

Yes, the EventNook service privacy policy is compliant with GDPR for organizers to safely store and manage its attendees data on the EventNook platform.

Does EventNook have a track record with security?

EventNook has a proven track record of keeping clients' data safe and secure. You can rest assured of working with us. We are proud to mention that EventNook has maintained a record of ZERO data breaches because to us 1 case of breach is just too many.

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