EventNook allows you to send auto-generated receipts and invoices to all registrants, which can be very useful, especially for paid events. You are free to customize the generated receipts or invoices with your company logo, your contact and bank details, etc.

  • From the main page, go to My Event -> Edit Event -> Settings. Choose the Receipt & Invoice under the Invoice & Tax Menu

  • Set up your Organizer’s Billing Information

    • Billing Organization Name & Billing Contact Details: Put your Organization Name and Billing Contact Details you want to have on the receipts and invoices.

    • Tax Registration No: If your event is enabled with tax (GST/VAT), put your business's tax registration number.

    • Invoice No. Prefix: You can also set a prefix for your invoice.

    • Add your Invoice and or Receipt Title if you want. The default title would be Receipt and Invoice.

    • You can also add a company or event logo to the invoices and receipts.

  • Then, add Payment Terms and optional Terms & Conditions in the invoice. We also provided an example in case you are not sure what invoice terms & conditions look like.

  • Preview the before format through the Preview Invoice or Preview Receipt. This was either the default format provided by EventNook or your previous work that has been saved.

  • After everything’s good, click Save Changes.

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