Adding Tax in Ticket Price

EventNook allows you to include (or exclude) GST or VAT to your ticket price within a few clicks

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EventNook allows you to add GST or VAT charges to your ticket price if you require to collect tax in your ticket sales.

  • From the main page, go to My Event -> Manage -> Settings

  • Go to Tax Setting (in Invoice & Tax section) -> Enable Tax Collection.

  • Choose your Tax Type (GST or VAT), and insert your Tax Rate (%) and Tax Registration No. issued by the local government.

  • Choose your Tax Calculation Options.

    • Inclusive: Tax included in the ticket price

    • Exclusive: Tax will be applied outside the ticket price

  • Select which ticket you would set the tax on, and after everything’s set, click on Save Settings to save your progress and see the results on your registration page.

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