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Resending & Downloading e-Ticket
Resending & Downloading e-Ticket

EventNook allows you to resend registrants’s e-ticket for your event admission.

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The e-Ticket with a QR code will be sent to registrants after the registration is successful and confirmed. However, in some cases, registrants might need you to resend their e-Ticket, or maybe you would want to have the e-Ticket for each registrant. EventNook allows you to handle this easily from the Admin site. This is a short video guide for how to resend the confirmation emails.

The following is the step-by-step instruction for Resending confirmation emails and Downloading e-Tickets.

  • From the main page, go to My Event -> Manage -> Report

  • Click on View Orders and find the Order you want to view the details. You can also search the order by their emails or names on the top of the page.

  • Open the View on the ticket you would want to view

View and Resending the e-Ticket

See the ticket type, quantity, and total amount of each registrant.

  • Click on Action and choose Resend Confirmation Email to resend the e-Ticket to the registrants. You can also add CC emails up to 3 emails on resending the e-Ticket

  • You can also scroll down to see the ticket details

Download the e-ticket

  • Click on Action and choose View Ticket. This will lead you to a new tab showing the e-Ticket.

  • Click right on the page and choose Print and select Save as PDF

  • You can also see the e-Ticket Receipt by clicking on the View Receipt

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