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Setting Early Bird Price (Tier Pricing)
Setting Early Bird Price (Tier Pricing)

Differentiate your ticket prices based on your audience and event type

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EventNook allows you to set your event’s ticket price by time-based pricing feature that would help set the ticket price by time-based promotion such as Early Bird Rate. This is a short video guide for how to set pricing for tickets

The following is the step-by-step instruction for setting the ticket price by time-based promotion such as Early Bird Rate.

  • From the main page, go to My Event -> Manage -> Settings

  • Select the Ticket & Fee, and go to the Promo Tier Pricing

  • Select Tier Type: We provide up to four pricing tiers; types of tier correspond to different pricing types (e.g., for three tiers, you might want to set Early Birds Rate, Member Rate, Normal Rate). Each pricing tier will apply to all the ticket types you created.

  • Tier Price Title and Sales End Date: Fill up the ticket tiered/pricing names or title and set the Sales End Date (the date you want to end the sale of that ticket price). When the first tier reaches its Sales End Date, it will be deactivated and the next tier will be automatically on sale.

  • Auto-Hide when date is over: This toggles allows you to hide the tiers automatically after their effective date and can be applied to all kinds of tier you have chosen above.

  • Set Pricing: Set the different prices for each ticket based on the number of tier you’ve chosen.

  • Review your Ticket Pricing settings and click on Save Changes to save all the progress

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