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Achieve more registrants with promotional ticket sales or private discount codes with EventNook

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EventNook allows you to create discount codes for special promotion for your event’s ticket sales, complimentary tickets for your registrants with a private discount code, etc. This is a short video guide for how to create discount codes.

Creating a discount/promotion code is useful for you to learn more about your audience and boost more audience to register. The following is the step-by-step instruction for how to create discount codes.

  • From the main page, go to My Event -> Manage -> Manage

  • Go to Create a Discount. Here you can choose between two option, which was:

    • Create a Discount
      This feature allows you to create one code at a time

    • Create Bulk Discount Code
      This feature allows you to create multiple discount codes at the same time and can be useful to create numerous discount codes (example: discounts for attendant with Student/Member ID)

  • After choosing between the two options of discount code, choose whether you want to use Amount($) or Percent (%) for your discount type.

    • Amount: For discount using a fixed number, e.g/. $10 off

    • Percentage: For discount using certain percentage, e.g/. 15% off

  • Specify the tickets that are applicable to the discount code. You can simply select All Ticket Types if your discount is eligible for all ticket types.

  • In Show Advanced Settings, EventNook allows you to set your discount code functions that are adjusted to your event type & requirements.

    • Limit Minimum and Maximum Quantity Selection Per Ticket Type

      Set the minimum and maximum quantity of your discount code (per order) based on your event special requirements. For instance, if you want to run a minimum purchase before a promotion then simply set your discount code to a minimum 3

    • Limit Usage Count
      Set the limitation for your discount code, especially if the discount is an exclusive/limited one. For instance, a discount code created for one exclusive person then simply set it to only 1-time use (preventing the discount code to be shared with others)

    • Valid Period (optional)
      Set the validity period of your discount code. For instance, a discount code made for this month's promotion then sets the discount code’s validity with a start and end date. This feature can be used to run a tactical promotion such as Early Bird discount.

  • If all had perfect, click on Create Discount to save all the discount code settings.

  • You can see your new discount code on the registration page by clicking on the Site Url on the top right

Note: Discount codes cannot be deleted but you can toggle the Enabled/Disabled if you want to make your discount code active/not active

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