Private URLs are helpful when you want to make certain ticket types not visible to the public but accessible through a private URL.

Sometimes, it can be possible to group the tickets of a similar audience under one Event Url. For example, under the Volunteer ticket types, there may have different ticket types for respective roles. In this case, this feature would be helpful to group all the ticket types related to volunteers under one Url.

To create a private Url, please refer to the steps below.

  • Go to My Events>> Edit Event>> Setup>> Site URL & Widget>> Create Private URL.

  • Then, add a custom name to the box behind the link for the private ticket type.

Notes: By default, ticket types with a private link will be hidden from the registration page.

  • Check the Show In Public box if you want the ticket types to appear in the public. As an example, it would be helpful when you want to use private URLs as grouping them but not necessarily need to be private tickets.

  • Click on Save Changes to save all the setups.

  • You can preview and check the ticket URL by clicking the View behind the private ticket link.

Image of tickets appeared under private URL
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