The Custom Registration Form allows you to set up the custom fields of delegate or guest details for onsite registration, reporting, and badge printing. The common fields are such as Name, Email, Company, Job Title, Category, Zone, Table Number, etc.


The FirstName, LastName, and Email are mandatory for the registration form. The email field will be used for sending out Registration Confirmation Email to guests with QR Code e-Ticket for event day check-in.

Based on the fields set up in the Registration Form of the event, you will be able to manage such as

  1. Importing of the guest list to the system for event day check-in

  2. Register guest details for walk-in guests

  3. Sending out Email Blast

  4. Event Name Badge with delegate's information such as Name, Company

  5. Attendance and Registration reporting

To customize the Registration Form, log in to []

  • Go to Manage ›› Setting ›› Registration Form of the selected event as shown in the picture below.

Click on the +Add Custom Field to create new fields required for the event as shown in the picture below.

After you finish customizing your form, you can click on the Save Changes button, and now you have your Registration Form ready.

There are options such as the ‘Required’ and ‘Hide This Field’ boxes depending on the need of your event.

  • Hide This Field is to hide the field from the Online Registration Form so the delegates don't have to fill it up if they are registering from an online form. The hidden fields are useful for backend registration management purposes such as Zone or Table Number and the information in these fields will be assigned by the backend administrator.

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