EventNook provides a Bulk Registration feature to easily upload confirmed guests lists to the system along with sending out the confirmation email in just a few steps.

Why do you need Bulk Registration Upload?

  • If you are using the 3rd party online registration systems such as Eventbrite, Hopin, Tito, CVent, Google Form, etc., you need to import the guest list to EventNook Onsite App for the event day check-in, attendance tracking, and Badge Printing.

  • You may have the guest list such as Crew, Speakers, VIP and you want to simply import the guests' data for printing event badges or checking in on the event day.

Please ensure that event information, ticket types, and registration forms are set up correctly before uploading the attendees' information. This guide will help you to set up the Bulk Registration.

Here is a video walkthrough of the whole process:

  • Login to [https://onsiteapp.eventnook.com/] and Go to My Events

  • Go to the Manage tab of an event > Bulk Registration.

  • Prepare your attendees' data in a CSV format. You can use the Sample File Format as the reference or instantly fill in your data.

  • When your CSV file is ready, click Choose File and select the file.

  • Click Upload.

  • Under the Field Mapping tab, ensure that the data are in the correct column as the field on the registration form. For example, If you stored the first names of your attendees under the column as 'First Name' in your CSV excel file, it should be imported with a similar name in the column of the registration field.


  • Do not input empty fields for mandatory fields such as Name and Email. Ensure that no fields are blank.

  • If the imported field or column is not matched, click "Change" and select the correct field to import.

  • Under the Process tab, you can review the data you want to upload.

  • If the data are all correct, click Proceed With Upload.

  • Under the Send Confirmation Email tab, you can send the emails to the uploaded attendees by clicking Send Confirmation Email.

  • If you click View Attendees, you will see the attendees you just uploaded.

  • You can preview the confirmation email before sending it when you send the confirmation email. To send the confirmation email, click Send Now.

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