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Bulk Registration Upload / Import Guest List
Bulk Registration Upload / Import Guest List

EventNook provides you a tool to upload registrants information to your event and send confirmation email to all of them within one click.

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EventNook provides bulk registration as a solution for uploading guest lists in bulk or importing the guest list to the event from a 3rd party event platform. This is a short video guide for how to do Bulk Registration Upload.

The following are the step-by-step instructions for how to do Bulk Registration Upload. The process is straightforward, and this guide will lead you through this process.

  • From the Main Page, go to My Events -> Manage. Choose Bulk Upload + under the Registration section.

  • Prepare the guest list information file that you want to upload. See the example by downloading a sample file from the embedded link of the Sample File Format.

  • For guest data in this example, we are using Google Spreadsheets before we made it as .csv file. You are free to use Microsoft Excel or Numbers.

Check the filled-up registrants information in the file and make sure the data in your file is the same as in your event's registration form.

  • Delete every column and row outside your table to ensure there’s no extra row and column with an empty space that will affect when you upload the file.

  • For Google Spreadsheets file, go to File -> Download -> Comma Separated Values (.csv).

EventNook allows uploading .csv formatted files with a maximum size of 4MB and containing up to 300 records per batch.

  • Under the Choose File on the Upload File tab, click Choose File and select the file to be uploaded, or simply drag and drop your file.

  • Fill in the Batch Name and Ticket Type that are related to the file. Click Upload

  • Under the Field Mapping tab, double-check the columns and data from your uploaded file with the fields you’ve set before for your registration form. You can also edit/add each data. After everything is perfect, click Next

Please note that:
a) Do not import empty fields. Ensure that no field imported is blank or incomplete.
b) If the imported field or column is not matched, you can click on "Change" and select the correct one from the dropdown field.

  • Under the Review and Proceed with Upload tab, review your fixed data before you proceed with Upload. This step ensures there are no mistakes in the guests' information. When all the data is correct and ready to be imported, click Process with Upload.

  • Congratulations, your file has been completely uploaded to your event. Under the Send Confirmation Email tab, send the registrants a confirmation email by clicking Send Confirmation Email Now. You can click on View Uploaded Attendees to view uploaded data.

(By doing a bulk upload, the registrants inside the upload are all registered under a free ticket, meaning there would be no payment needed to be processed.)

This process can take some time but you as the event owner will receive the notification email when it is done.
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