After the attendees complete and confirm the registration, a confirmation email will be sent to the attendees. The default setting of the confirmation email is set up.

In this email, the attendees can also see -

  • QR code to check-in at the event

  • E-ticket for event admission and download it

  • Event details

  • Registration details that the attendees made, and

  • Receipt of the registration and payment.

But as optional, You can customize the email template and message that you want to send to your attendees regarding your event type.

  • Go to My Events>> Edit Event>> Set Up >> Other Settings >> Email Template >> Customise Registration Confirmation

  • Click Edit Email

  • Under Setting, you can customize your email document.

Custom From Name: You can enter your company name/ organization name/ event name here. The attendees will receive the automatic confirmation email under the custom name.

Custom Reply-To Email: Enter your email here. When the attendees reply to the confirmation email for any assistance, the replied emails will be sent to that email, and you can respond to them.

Custom Subject: You can customize your email subject here.

  • You can add and upload the banner image of your event in the email. Go to Add Banner >> Choose file >> Upload Image. You can simply click Remove Banner if you do not want to add the image.

  • You can add the information and messages you want to give to the attendee in the text box as shown below picture.

  • Check the box of the ticket and write the custom message in the text box under Add Custom Message By Ticket for the specific attendees based on their ticket types. That message will appear below the main custom message.

  • Click Save Changes to save all the setups.

  • Send a Test email to your email to preview and check how the template looks like when sent live. You can make changes until you prefer your email design.

  • In the Email Template, you can choose the template design for your email as your preference. The system supports three templates: Default Template, Simple (Without Registration Summary), and, Details Template (With Registration Details).

  • Click Preview to have a look at how each template works.

  • After choosing your preferred email template, click Apply.

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