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How to send a Reminder Email To All Attendees
How to send a Reminder Email To All Attendees

Having a reminder email is essential to drive a high attendance rate and to bring registrants attention fully to your event.

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EventNook allows you to customize your event’s reminder email, including the QR code. You can send it automatically to all registrants in a short time or schedule it with a specific date and time. This is a short video guide for how to set up Reminder Emails and scheduled them to send.

We usually recommend sending reminder emails two times, around a week or a few days before your event starts. To set a reminder email, here are a few steps to follow.

  • From the main page, go to My Event -> Manage -> Send

  • There are two options for how to send your Reminder Email.

    • Email to Orders: This allows you to send the email to either Approved or Pending order

    • Email to Attendees: This allows you to send the email to more types of registrants, from approved registrants only to all registrants.

For this steps, we will choose the Email to Attendees option

  • Click Create Email Schedule and fill in the detailed information in the following fields.

    • Schedule Name: The reminder email you’re about to send.

    • Send To: Select who you want to send this email to (1) All Attendees, (2) Approved Attendees, (3) Pending Attendees, (4) Checked-in Attendees or (5) Checked-in Attendees. You can see how many attendees there are in each category.

    • Select Ticket Holder: You can send the same message to all the registrants or customize the message for each of your ticket types. This allows you to send different information, such as specific information such as Keynotes or only Speakers.

    • From Name: You can change it accordingly, but by default, it is your EventNook account holder's name.

    • Reply To: You can change it accordingly but by default, it is your EventNook account email.

    • Email Subject: You can change the email subject based on your email contents.

  • Click on Add Email Banner to add a Banner Image to the reminder email. Simply click Remove Banner if you do not want to add or change the image.

  • Enter the message under Email Body. You are free to add Link or Images in the reminder email. On the right side, you will see the Add Mail-Merge Fields consists of options you can add or remove inside the reminder email.

  • You can also toggle the switch in Choose Sections in the email to add or remove the QRCode Ticket, Attendee information, and About Event Section.

  • If you add the QRCode Ticket in the reminder email, registrants can see their e-Ticket below the email.

  • After you have finished customizing the reminder email, click on the Next button to schedule the email, which EventNook provides with two options:

    • Immediate - Send the email immediately.

    • Specific Date and Time - Automatically send an email at a chosen date and time.

  • You can send a test email to see how it looks before creating an email schedule by clicking on Send a Test or checking the overall email setup through the Preview Email option.

  • Click on Create Schedule to save all the setups. You can recheck the email under Email Schedule

  • Click on the Edit button to edit or change the email settings if required or click Action button to either Edit, Delete, or Clone the reminder email

  • When the emails have been sent, you can check their status on the Sent section.

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