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Customize Event Confirmation Email

Personalized your event confirmation email

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The Confirmation Email or approved order will be sent to your registrants after

their registration is confirmed.

The email template can be customized with the custom message, email banner image, event details, and personalized email content to registered delegates as shown below in the picture.

In the email template, the personalized mail-merging fields also can be added such as Name, Table Number, etc. (E.g., Dear {{order.firstName}} {{order.lastName}}) so the delegates can receive the personalized information. The mail-merging feature can significantly save time and hassle as you can automatically send out emails to a large number of guests.

While you are customizing the email template, you can

  • Preview; this to review email personalization results before saving.

  • Send a test; this feature will send the mock-up Confirmation Email to your email in the actual form your attendees will receive.

  • Choose a section in the email; this will be a list of optional content that can be added to the email.

Next Step:

After the confirmation email has been set up, you can proceed to importing the guest's list for onsite registration and sending out a QR Code e-ticket to all confirmed guests.

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